Our Mission is to Provide Your Company
With Innovative Product Design.

At That Web Studio we are always adding new and innovative technologies to bring to the table for our clients. We make sure that we are staying informed and educated on how we can help make your business more impactful everyday.

We are always trying to stay ten steps ahead so that way we can be the most unique and innovative micro studio in Las Vegas and beyond. With technology constantly getting better over time we will be able to offer more and more amazing services.

Product Design

Great UX Design at the core is driven by psychology. It's all about how the person using the product is reacting and engaging with it. That Web Studio offers this as a service to companies that are looking to have the beginning stages of an app made. Our founder has worked in the tech industry for a number of years as a UI/UX designer. The foundation of our studio is built around this service.

Like they say UX isn't much without beautiful UI. We are designers so we believe pairing the two is so vitally important. (You have an amazing app idea but you don't know where to start) The first step to any app isn't development but the UI/UX of the app. Our Studio works with many startups on contracts to design their apps and products to then have their own development team implement them.

UX Strategies

We understand that you may be new to the scene when it comes to updating your company with an app. Or maybe you have a small team and just need help with some guidance with getting your design team started with some strategies for direction.

That Web Studio has provided these services for many companies. We've worked with big and small teams that needed and outside perspective on creating a better experience. We love helping teams with UX strategies.

Design Sprints

If you haven't heard about design sprints yet, it was created by Jake Knapp when he was working for Google. We are well experienced in conducting design sprints for larger and small teams. Our founders were both Project Managers for different tech companies and agencies.

Sometimes it's better to hire an outside source to help conduct these very important design sprints. It will help your team move in the right direction and will speed up the design process by 3 months.