Our Mission is to Provide Your Business
With Innovative Products.

At That Web Studio we are always adding new and innovative technologies to bring to the table for our clients. We make sure that we are staying informed and educated on how we can help make your business more impactful everyday.

We are always trying to stay ten steps ahead so that way we can be the most unique and innovative micro studio in Las Vegas and beyond. With technology constantly getting better over time we will be able to offer more and more amazing services.

That Web Studio

That Web Studio in a sense has been around since 2009, but not really. Our founder @jacobolenick (Insta/Twitter) has been providing web services to people and businesses since 2009. Although That Web Studio wasn't officially founded and registered with the state of Nevada until 2020. Jacob's mission and goal with that web studio is to be the most innovative, kind, compassionate, and generous agency/studio to work with and for in this market. The foundation, the rock in which That Web Studio stands on is Jesus Christ. Though our founder is a Christian he understands

that not all his future employees or clients are. His vision for the studio isn't to be a Christian company at all. He wan't to work with everyone, but he wants to love and treat his clients with compassion, grace, and kindness.

The goal for That Web Studio is to hire a lot of employees and to become a studio that is a destination workplace.

Our Team

Jacob Olenick

Founder / Project Manager | Product Designer

Akash Pathak

Sr. Lead Digital Product Designer