What's apart of my desk setup

February 5, 2021

Ever since I was young I've always been obsessed with how my desk was setup. I'm always kept it super minimal and they always seem to have wood textures and real plants on them. As of late I've grown to be more into desk setups than I was in the past. I believe in having a productive work environment that's always enjoyable and comfortable. Since I work remotely and attend a coding bootcamp after work I need to make sure I'm in the right position with my setup to stay focused and alert the whole time.

My desk is from Ikea

My monitor is a 34" LG Ultra-wide

My computer is the 2020 Macbook pro (Space grey)

My mouse and keyboard are the MX Master 3 and the MX Keys

My chair is from Autonomous

My computer stand is from rRain design

My external 1TB hardrive is from Toshiba

I have a Notorious B.I.G Funko Pop

I also have a foor rest from amazon in black

I have an Autonomous Smart Desk 2 in bamboo and white legs

I'm using an Autonomous Monitor Arm

I have an Autonomous standing mat to help with my knees.

On my desk I also have a blue snowball microphone with an Amazon mic arm for video calls. I am using my Google Home mini as my speaker for my computer. I have an Ikea lamp (not sure the name. Wouldn't be able to pronounce is anyways.)

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