My journey as a web designer

February 9, 2021

I remember being intrigued by the internet in 7th grade. I discovered AIM, Myspace, and Tumblr. I was so obsessed with it that I got accepted into a college summer program for kids in grade school. I was introduced to Adobe Dreamweaver. That's where I built a website for my first business interest, a record label. I built the website for Big Time Music Group.

From there I was accepted into a senior class my Sophomore year in high school. This class was a web development study. We used the tool of HTML and CSS and built our high schools website.

I went on from there to build Myspace layouts for friends of mine and people I met on the internet. After Myspace went away and failed I discovered Wix (oh boy). I was building e-commerce websites for business idea I had. All while watching Ran Segall (now a mentor and friend of mine) on his youtube channel FLUX. We was sharing his freelance journey with web design and Webflow. After a few months I enrolled in his course and pretty quickly started earning some serious money from designing websites in webflow.

This led to me becoming a Project Manager/Webflow Dev at an LA based agency and owning my own LLC (That Web Studio).

I'm also in a Coding Bootcamp where I'm learning Full-stack and Mobile development. My goal is to build full web apps and mobile apps for startups. Not just websites.

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